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13th Sheet
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LoBid Calendar Company

Kenneth Barr


13th Sheet

LoBid Calendar with Completion Date Chart


Since 1962,  the Lo-Bid Calendar Company has been supplying specialty advertising calendars to surety and bonding companies all across America.  Our large wall calendar features a Unique 13th Sheet with a convenient “Completion Date Chart” that is designed especially for use in the construction industry. 


The wall space in your clients’ office is the perfect place to put a silent sales rep for your company. The Lo-Bid Contractors Calendar is seen many times a day – it’s as if your sales representative is standing right up front in their office every day of the year.


This convenient calendar measures 17” x 22” and it is a proven advertising tool that will help your business grow.  Customers will write all over them, color code special dates, even scribble on them.  They will regularly turn to the unique “Completion Date Chart” to determine project dates.  As a result, your calendar will be selling your company 24-hours a day.

Our Guarantee


The Lo-Bid Calendar Company guarantees to our advertisers that we will continue our limited sales policy by selling to ONLY ONE FIRM OF A KIND in each trade area. This provides you, the advertiser, an exclusive item that will be requested and used by prospects as well as present clients.

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